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First, I am so sorry you are having so may difficulties with getting the butterfly stitched on the pocket, and with the software.  I am sure all the missing pieces will turn up, but I understand how frustrating it can be.  Software works the way it works, unfortunately, and the way it works is not always intuitive to us.  Just the words used on the menus can be 'wrong thinking' to us...until we learn it well enough.  For those with a 'knack' to understand software, or who programmed, or who have used graphics software for almost 40 years and drew on the computer using commands and wrote OUR first graphics program ourselves, those things may be easier.

But, take heart...there is hope and help...and lots of it on the internet is lots of cases...finding it can be a challenge, too, since not every instruction, manual, video, tutorial, etc., is 'worded' such that it comes right back at the top of the list in a search either.  Whew...LOL


The SHELL program is actually called "Classic Shell" and it 'gives back' the START button and other 'familiar' interface items.  You can download it at:

I installed it immediately after getting this new Windows 8.1 laptop.  (Some of us don't want our laptop PC to look and work like a smartphone, especially if THIS laptop is not touchscreen...LOL)

About Lessons...I don't know about Wilcom lesson, so cannot offer any advice.  If you really do want to digitize, you may want to check into lessons for 'any' software you select, especially if you have worked with a 'trial' of the software while keeping the instruction manual handy, and are still having issues or experiencing frustration at accomplishing what you want/need to do.

About telling the hoops apart...the AcuSetter app recommends that you take a permanent marker and 'blacken' the hoop 'registration' marks...those are the tiny marks at the corners of the hoop.  I also blackened with a Sharpie pen the orientation 'arrow' to make it easier for me to see.  If you don't want the black anymore, alcohol should remove the Sharpie ink...dab it quickly and remove it immediately.   If the hoops for the 12000 are white, and the hoops for the 15000 are black, it will be much easier to tell them apart.  I know which of my hoops are for my 11000 and which are for the 15000, but the black reg marks are a dead giveaway at the quickest of glances when they are together...LOL. 

You should always be able to use the standard 'Windows (file) Explorer' to copy any file...embroidery files, another media.  You don't need to 'see' the designs, but you will want to make sure you SEE the "file extension" so that you get all of the .JEF (and .DST or other embroidery format) files, and any associated .JPG and/or .PDF instructios, etc., too.  'File Preview" and the icon/thumbnail views don't show anything UNLESS there is a software application program that 'allows' it to. 

In the interim, there is a program called SewWhat Pro that also has a trial at...there are is one.

...and the company that makes it:

...there are Yahoo, FB groups, on SUPPORT at the top of the screen, and the manual is at: sure to save a copy for later, if you decide to check out this software app.

I do not know how easy/difficult it will be for you to learn to do the things you want/need/ to do, but if it works for you, it is not very pricey, you can register it over the internet, and keep on using it.  You can 'merge' designs, resize, and sew lettering from any font installed on your PC.  There is a manual you can download, and it just might get you going for now.  You can "drag and drop" designs right onto designs you want to merge, or onto a "NEW" documents (File, New...) and you can print stitch charts with grid placement.  It is a nice program IMHO...just I want more....moRE...MORE...!!!LOL

I hope from this point on you have a more enjoyable time with your new 15000.

- Cat

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Thanks for all the advice and information.  Apparently, I've already downloaded Hatch, although I don't think I ever  used it.  I end up not being to understand how to use the different functions.  That's why I haven't bought anything else.  If Wilcom won't let me take one of the 3 (think) free lessons, I'll buy one.  As I remember it (although though that's not worth much), They're $30.  Somewhere, I have some of the tutorial pages I printed up.  I only want to learn the basics.  The more frustrated I get, the less I want to do anything but embroider designs as is.  I didn't do much more anyway, except occasionally add lettering. Sometimes I resized them, but I get the impression that isn't a good idea.  Supposedly, some programs adjust the density when a design is resized.  At this point, if a design isn't the right size, I'll find something that is!  Me memory and concentration are getting worse, and I keep misplacing things.  I had everything for the 12000 together and put it on a table to take a picture, and couldn't find the hoops.  When I took the ones I though were for the 15000, it turned out they were for the 12000.  The only way I could tell, was that forgot to clean one of the hoops. With the small things I misplaced, I just bought again, but the hoops are way too expensive, and when I eventually find the missing ones, I'll end up with 2 sets, which I don't need.  The commercial machines seem to come with 2 sets.  Someone described it as "one on the machine and one in the hoop", which makes sense because the people who use them probably do multiples.  I know they'll turn up somewhere, and in the meantime, I can use one from the 12000. 

I reread all the embroidery unit instructions and watched the video on the machine, and realized I was pushing the wrong release button. I was pushing the embroidery unit release button, not the carriage arm button.  I got the unit back on the machine with the arm extended.  When I turned the machine, and used the other button, it went back where it belonged.  I haven't used it yet, so I hope it works.  I didn't force anything.  All this because I decided to embroider a butterfly on a purse pocket. If I hadn't told the girl I was making it for, I would have skipped it.  I bought the My 15000 app for my IPad, but I don't know where I put that either :-(   I'm assuming I can't use it on the IPhone unless I purchase another one. It's not urgent, and I can muddle along with what I learned from the 12000.  I found the transition very uneventful.  The new features weren't that dramatic, but they make it easier for me.  I had given up  the automatic threader on my Babylock, in favor of the 12000, which I consider a better machine.  I like the larger screen, the bobbin winder and being able to send designs straight to the machine.  For some reason, the bobbins were always uneven on the 12000; probably user error.  My dealer gives one on one lessons, so I can ask more questions.  In the past. some dealers had group lessons with more than one brand of machine.  For me, it was very confusing.  Everyone learns differently, and it's not one size fits all.   I like things the way they  are now.

Thanks for the computer advice.  Both of my laptops need to be looked at.  The older one has all my embroidery designs on it, but I couldn't open any embroider programs, or much of anything  else for that matter. I managed to transfer all of them to a portable hard drive without opening them, but at least I have them.  I may purchase another one to back up everything else, in case Windows needs to be reinstalled.  I have the recovery disk just in case.  It's certainly not something I would attempt on my own, and maybe that's not what's wrong with it.  It's running on Vista, which I like.  7 is similar, but I like Vista better.  I'd like to use it as long as the computer is viable, or it can't be supported any more.  Someone told me to install SHELL on the one that has Windows 8, which is  like a foreign language. Can someone tell me what it is? Most of my friends don't know much about the programs and  finding out what's wrong.  They seem to have someone in the family do it.  I'm not complaining, but I have to do as much as I can from tutorials and forums, and then if that doesn't work, it's time to take it to the experts!  I know this is long, but I wanted to thank all of you for your support.  It's reassuring that someone usually has some advice or solution.  Sue 

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