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While, yes, flash drives can and do go bad, sometimes when the computer doesn't recognize them it's because some other glitch is happening.  I am in the process of moving files from one computer to another and have had several instances where one of the computers fails to acknowledge that the drive is connected and turned on.  Turning it off and on, taking it out, rebooting, swearing, etc. and the computer will finally recognize the drive.  At one point the computer wanted to update something and perhaps that prevented it from recognizing the drive (I don't think so but am not sure what was going on.)   My problem might be more my computer than the drive as it's only a problem with one computer but eventually the computer finds the drive.  So I would not give up too soon.  That said, they can die (although I've yet to have it happen).  I rarely give up on these things and always start over from scratch (sometimes even unplugging and holding the "on" button on for 10 seconds-- someone once said this helps something) and most problems somehow resolve themselves. Wish this worked with all problems!

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