Help, please

Joyce VanAtta

My Janome 11000 will not turn on.  I recently had it in for a check,
and when it came home, I embroidered two pillowcases with
no problem.  Today when I turned it on, the light came on
briefly, then went off.  I have unplugged it from the machine, and
also from the wall, but nothing has changed.  What can I do next,
before I take it to be looked at again.

Thanks for your help,

[When the lights come on, but nobody is home]
When the machine is first turned on it goes through a self-check, activating the various stepper motors and sensors. If it is completely dead when the lights turn off then I would guess that the problem is either a failed stepper or the power supply. There isn't anything you can do about either of those. The only thing you could try is to turn the hand wheel to a different position before trying to turn it on again. That won't fix anything, but if it comes on and stays on it might indicate a motor problem. Good luck!

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