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Pam Davison

Anita Goodesign and Adorable Ideas have consistently good embroidery


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I need to embroider a butterfly (an outline) on a purse pocket and I have no idea how to find a site that has proven designs.  It's been a while, and there are so many companies selling designs, but how do I know what company's designs stitch out properly?  I found a red work butterfly that would work, and is not part of a set, but I have no idea how it will stitch out. the companies I've bought from before didn't have what I need.  When I first started embroidering, I used the free designs, but I was told it's hit or miss, as most of them are beginning digitizers.  I'm not super fussy, just want a design I don't have to fiddle with, because I can't.  I leave to the professionals :-)

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