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The app was paid for or Apple would not download it into your iPad. The button that says "Buy" is actually how you buy apps. Tap to buy - tricky, but you seem to have gotten the hang of it. Depending on how you have your iPad set up, downloading and installation will happen automatically and the button will change to "Open". Tap that and the app will open.

I have it on my 'list of things' to get the My15000 app but I noticed that after I bought the Foot Book app...which is very nice...that when I went to download a 'free' app, the iPad was asking about my payment information.  I have never had that happen like that before so it caught me by surprise...I freaked out a little, backed out of the download without getting the 'free' app, and haven't gone back to the app store since.  I know that sounds paranoid...LOL...but, believe it or not, in all of the smartphones and tablets in my digital arsonal...Blackberry, Apple, and Android...over the years, the only app I ever purchased (that didn't get billed by the cellular company 'back in the day') was the Foot Book app, so I have never, until then, had any kind of payment information 'stored' in any mobile device and don't want any stored and that readily available.  I find it unnerving that it could be so 'easy' with payment info saved, and would prefer to enter my payment information for EVERY purchase.

I am probably not looking for the 'right' thing but have not found how to 'undo' the apparently stored payment information  Is there an instruction on Apple's website that you know of that would tell me how to 'undo' my flub-up?  At this point, both iPads seem to know my credit card number...ugh...and I know it is probably just me that doesn't understand...LOL

- Cat

[Wondering if the NSA knows where I put my car keys...]
You can remove your credit card information using the information on this page. Apple is paranoid about security, so there's less risk trusting them with your card than most other websites. Periodically, such as when a card expires, they will ask the information to be updated. This is normal. If you want to buy an app without giving up your card you can purchase iTunes gift cards (sold wherever anything is sold) and use them to buy apps.

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