Re: My 15000 app and computer question


Thanks!  The receipt was in my inbox this morning.  I must have it set up to automatically charge my credit card.  I was just worried that I hadn't paid for it.  The receipt was for the foot book and My 15000 app.  I had never encountered that before.
As for the computer question, I had the hard drive on my old computer transferred to some sort of of portable storage.  Now I can't seem to pull up any of my embroidery designs. They were there when I got it. It says it's a hard drive enclosure. The name on it is Nextstar if that means anything.  Is it possible they just disappeared?  They're also supposed to be on a portable hard drive, but it's MIA at the moment.  I probably don't need them all, but it would be nice for it to be my choice, not the storage device.

[Attempting clairvoyance - failing...]
The brand of drive enclosure is about as useful as knowing the brand of your mailbox when tracing a missing letter. It means nothing. You need to consult with whomever did the transfer to find your files.

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