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Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

This a dumb question.  I went to the app store to purchase the app, and located the button that said "Buy".  I think the next icon said open.  I did that, and was able to watch some of the videos.  There was never any request for payment, but when I poked around, it appeared in the purchased section.  I know I'm explaining badly, but when you click buy, does it automatically use stored information for the purchase?  I tried several times to find a way to pay for it, and I couldn't.  Did the purchase of the Foot Book by any chance mean that that will happen every time I purchase an app? I just want to be sure I paid for it.  Usually there's some kind of confirmation notice.  I'm not that familiar with the IPad, but thought it would be easier to deal with rather than setting up the laptop.  I want to put someone's name on the pocket of a purse, so unless I create it in the embroidery mode, am I limited to the fonts in the monogram section of Decorative Stitches?  I really don't want to set up the embroidery unit just for that.  If I use a font I already have, would I be able to somehow send it to the machine and sew it that way?  I have software to create the name.  (Or would that involve setting the embroidery unit anyway?) If so, can I  send it to the machine from the PC? It looks like I have a lot to learn!

Thanks for your patience.  I'm not as concerned with sending designs to the machine, as I am with making sure I paid for the app.

[Allaying fears one post at a time!]
The app was paid for or Apple would not download it into your iPad. The button that says "Buy" is actually how you buy apps. Tap to buy - tricky, but you seem to have gotten the hang of it. Depending on how you have your iPad set up, downloading and installation will happen automatically and the button will change to "Open". Tap that and the app will open.

In Ordinary Sewing the monogram stitches are the only lettering you have. Lettering software will generate an embroidery design, which requires embroidery. You can send designs from your PC using the EmbLink Tool in HorizonLink Suite. This is all explained in the videos.

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