Re: Standard Accessories for 15000

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

I'll do that, thanks.  Eventually the box will reappear, because it never left the room.  It's doing a good job of playing hide and seek, though.  Your response reminded me not to rely on friends for accurate information.  I'm sure the thread  was included with the 12000, maybe because it was a floor model.  It's not something I would have purchased.   At this point, I'm primarily focused on making sure everything that''s included with the 12000 is with it.  I haven't used the 15000 yet, but it's all set up and ready. Looking forward to it.  I hadn't planned on getting it, but after trying it out, I realized it works pretty much like the 12000 except with more features.  I'm happy with what I got with it, especially since there are quite a few rolls of Jenny Haskins stabilizer and thread which I plan to sell. Thanks for the explanation.  My dealer seems to include incentives with his machines, which may or may not be of value to someone.  He only sells Janome, which means he doesn't have to learn about all the different models.  Since that's all he purchases, maybe he has a little more leverage with extras that way.  (Only speculation - I have no idea what's involved).  All that matters is that he's fair, and takes good care of his customers.

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