Standard Accessories for 15000


Can someone tell me where to find the list of included accessories as of November, 2015? I was told by several people that the 5 hread spool holder was included, but it wasn't in the box or on Janome's website as a standard accessory. I have the one that came with my 12000, and was going to include the stand with the 12000 when I sell it.  If it doesn't come with the 15000, I'll keep it.  I'm including several things that were extra on the 12000 and are now included.There was a small box in the carton with a "Thank You" sticker that I've misplaced, but I don't think it was in there.  I got the impression it was some kind of software.  A friend unpacked the machine and handed me the box, but I don't know where I put it.   It's not a big deal, but if by any chance it was in the small box,  I'll include it with the 12000.  I don't need 2!  Thanks.

[Batteries not included]
The problem with "what comes with machine X" is that it is not just a function of what Janome does, but also what the dealer does. For example, Janome will often create a special where an accessory, design package, thread, mongoose or whatever is included with the machines that a dealer orders during that special. When the special is over, or if the dealer chooses not to participate, then that particular extra is no longer included. The dealer can also create a special within her store, offering something with every machine. Again, this is a short-term thing and there can be no expectation that every machine will come with that particular perk. In your case I would assume that the 5 spool stand is NOT included. That's something that might only be included in a show special. If you have one, keep it.

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