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I also bought bobbins from China.  The ones for my Janome work perfectly, however, the ones for the Viking pop off the bobbin winder and have to be held down until they are wound.  They do work fine in the machine.  

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I've bought 3 boxes of A class bobbins from China off ebay.  They come in 5 colours so useful for winding different types or sizes of thread and knowing what you've got.  The boxes are not a brittle plastic so brilliant for carrying the bobbins around -they come in boxes of 25.

The only issue I've found with any of them is that 2 are a little small for the bobbin winding spindle.  Since they only cost around £2 (around 3$) or so for 25 bobbins and the box, and that incudes postage, it seemed a no brainer not to order - at the very least you get a useful box for storeing bobbins.


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While you did get a great price I would be very cautious using those bobbins. If the center hole is too small for the spindle that would indicate that at least one of their molds is faulty. It's also pretty clear that the quality testing department is the customer. Use at your own risk!

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