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Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

Thanks for confirming my suspicions.  After I sold my BabyLock,  and bought the Janome, I found a bunch of bobbins and wasn't sure which machine they were for.  A friend of mine put them side by side, using the J on the boibbins to be sure they were Janome.  They were slightly different sizes, so when we sorted them all out, I gave all the BabyLock bobbins to her, since she has Janome and BabyLock machines.  It's amazing how slight differences can have an impact.  I took my 3160 along when I went for a class on the 15000, because the stitching looked "off".  It didn't look quite as well formed as before.  It wasn't the wrong bobbin, but apparently the wrong bobbin thread.  The dealer said it was 60 wt.  I had been using the Bottom Line bobbin thread.  Is that heavier than the 60 weight that was in the bobbin?  My dealer is the expert, so I tend to follow his advice.  He only sells Janome, and has been to the factory in Japan at least twice.  I will definitely stick to Janome bobbins, although I don't know if the pink ones are Janome, or an imitation.  I'll look for the J on them. If they're not genuine, I'll give them away to someone who's willing to take a chance. I haven't bought any bobbins in a while, and it's not worth taking a chance.  I'm glad I asked first.

[Rendering another opinion with little to back it up, Jim chimes in.]
I can't speak to the bobbin thread question. Bottom Line thread is mainly used for quilting, and while it's 60wt (fine), it provides good tension. I don't know what he was referring to with regard to your bobbin thread.

The pink bobbins, to the best of my knowledge, were only offered by Janome. They were issued as part of a promotion, and proved popular enough that they were offered multiple times. I think it's safe to assume they are genuine Janome.

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