Reactivation of Digitizer V.5

I am looking at reformatting my computer to get back some missing accessories but first wanted to make sure of the steps needed to secure reinstallation of Digitizer V5. I think I need to uninstall in first, do the reformatting thing, then reinstall. My question is do I need the old dongle again? And since it is an upgrade do I have to install V4 first?

Thanks, Rose

[Reformatting the response]

By all means uninstall first - that gives you back one of your 3 installations. Reformat, then reinstall using the V5 DVD. DO NOT install V4 - you will never need it again. You also no longer need the dongle, which no longer functions. V5 should auto-update after installation, but if it doesn't you should. The initial DVD version was updated some time ago.

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