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The main problem with that foot is what you've already discovered. It interferes with the automatic presser foot height adjustment. That's why you get the error message when you turn the machine on with it installed. If you really are dead set on using it, try turning the adjusting screw to make the foot higher. If you get it high enough to stop getting the error message when you turn it on, then it should work correctly.

Note, however, that the QV foot included with the 12000 is identical to the large "toe" on the 11000 free motion set. The QC and QO feet perform the same function as the small metal toes, and they are all made for the 12000 - a much better option! You really need to be careful that the foot does not bottom out, because if it hits the plate repeatedly it could do some damage to the automatic presser foot lifter/adjuster.

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I have the convertible free motion Quilting Foot Set that I purchased for the 11000 part no 202-001-003.

I read where if we are using an 11000 foot we are to use the 11000 shank (which I have ) but the foot holder for the free motion set doesn't need a shank as it screws directly onto the shank holder.

I have used it on the 12000 no problem but have to take it off before I shut the machine down as if I reboot the machine with this foot attached I get the raise presser foot and needle bar message when the needle bar and presser foot are already raised.

I know it sounds kinda stupid wanting to use this foot holder and feet for the 11000 on the 12000 when the 12000 comes with so many free motion feet but it doesn't have and open toe with the spring loaded foot holder and that is what I want.

Also got the emag and love it.
Kris in Aus

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