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Vikki Youngmeyer

I’ve seen some people in our local LQS embroidery group use “vet wrap”. They seem to like it and it’s fairly cheap about $6 per 4” x15’ roll.




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I just did a search through Google - trying to find out just how many yards/feet there was in the package.   I finally found out that it is sold in either 3 yard or 9 yard packages.  My question is do you have to replace it with each time  you put fabric in the hoop or does it work for a few times.  This could get to be pretty pricey if it only works for one time.


[Quoting from the Janome bulletin]

"Once it’s affixed, just use continuously. However, it may be better to attach a new strip of tape after a certain period of time in order to preserve the tape’s effectiveness as it may get dirty with lint and dust." So now we know that it works for a certain period of time, much like cars, Oreos, and brothers-in-law!

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