Re: And now a word from our sponsor, er management

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

Thanks for explaining.  Occasionally, if I have an answer for just one person, I'll choose "reply to sender".  I don't know enough to offer answers to the group, but will sometimes share a solution when I've used it myself.  I was never sure where the other options would end up, and reply to group seemed pretty safe.  I'll keep it that way.  Now I know what all the other options will do.  I also understand why sometimes answers to my questions end up being repeated several times in the same post.  Hopefully, your explanation will help more than just me.  I've heard about situations where people pay by the amount of usage they have.  I doubt many people would deliberately cause their posts  to repeat everyone elses'.  Unless it's a case of me being overly optimistic, it's probably a case of not knowing the difference.  After all, mine was just a case of dumb luck.

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