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I have internet through Time Warner for my laptop, tablet, Kindle and Ipad...and now Janome 15000.  I've had trac phone for years and every year I check the shopping channels for a new one because I purchase a year card instead of one every month or so.  It's a great deal because you are paying for the year card but with it get a great smart phone, case and chargers for home and auto.  If you run out of minutes, you can always purchase them on line.   If a cell phone is the only phone you have or if you use it a lot, a trac phone may be an expensive alternative.  Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.

By the way, Jim, I discovered why I couldn't download my designs...after many hours and much frustration.  The large ones I normally use are not compatible with Janome's largest hoop.  My medium and small designs downloaded easily.  

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I have asked this question before (not this forum) to other people and they don't have an answer for me so thought I would ask here.  I would really like to give up my Sprint service and just get a (maybe a trac phone or something that I don't have to pay an arm and leg for each month).  BUT, since I have an ipad and my apps are on it, do i still need sprint (or other) service?  What do others do that got their ipad with machine.  (I already had an ipad so didn't need one that came with machine, and bought mine through sprint and that contract is up).  I'm just tired of paying so much a month for service that I really don't feel like I utilize enough.  Hope I'm making sense.  If this is off topic too much, I understand.  Thanks.

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I'm guessing that you bought your iPad from Sprint in order to have Internet service on it. Your iPad can also work with a WiFi connection, and if you have wifi available then you can leave Sprint behind. However if you don't have WiFi available and Sprint is your only connection you have far fewer options. After my 2-year contract with Sprint on my iPhone ran out I discovered that you cannot use a Sprint phone on any other network, even if you get them to unlock it. That may also be true with an iPad. If you need a cellular provider in order to have Internet then you will need to either get a new iPad for a different carrier (T-Mobile or AT&T) or get a phone that will allow tethering, meaning your phone functions like a WiFi hotspot. The latter is quite expensive and not recommended. 

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