Cleaning the screen

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

I'm (finally) getting to get my 12000 I kow ready to pack up and put it up for sale. I know this has been asked and answered before, but how do we get the smudges off the screen?  I couldn't find it in the manual, and an online search came up with instructions for a Brother.  It said to use a soft cloth and nothing else.  I wanted to be sure before I did something that can't be undone.  If someone has the posting date, I'll be happy to look it up myself.  That's the last thing I have left to clean.  A friend of mine recommended Williams Lectric shave to clean the plastic.  Is that OK, or should I stick to old fashioned soap and water? 

Thanks for the help!

[Seeing smudges on the screen, Jim cleans his glasses and they disappear!]
I would stick to just the cloth for the screen. It's covered with a thin plastic film that can be easily damaged. Oil from fingertips can cause smudges, but they are much less noticeable when the machine is turned on. Lectric Shave is good from removing sticky spray adhesive from the hook race, bobbin case and other areas. Rubbing alcohol also works, but DO NOT get either on painted surfaces. It's amazing how easy it is to remove the Janome brand name from a plastic cover. Do not ask how I know this!

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