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Patricia Ward

I have an ASUS laptop and love it. So does my son.  Also our friend who owns a computer business for selling and repair as well as setting up businesses in accounts and networks recommends either Acer or Asus and sells both.

See, Jim was right on the money again! 


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I need to replace my PC laptop. Am Apple user but keep PC laptop for Digitzer, ArtNstitch, HQ ProStitcher Sim -- other PC software. Do not like running PC emulators on MacBook Pro (been there - done that-- not for me anymore).

Any recommendations? I have had Dells but am wondering what people are really liking these days???

Thanks - input is greatly appreciated.

[Recommendations based on web reviews]

Most of the PC manufacturers are in a race for the bottom, using low price as their primary motivator. The "big box" stores usually push HP, whose computers are marvels of plastic covered trash. Hewlett and Packard are likely to cause an earthquake from the spinning in their respective graves. Dell has had some scandals related to defective parts that they kept hidden, seriously damaging the luster of the brand. At this stage Asus and Acer seem to be the best PC manufacturers. If you don't find them locally you can buy either online at Amazon or Newegg.

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