Re: Continuing The saga of the Poorly 15000

audrey chase <Contessa@...>

Got my 15000 back today.

Still hardly any bobbin thread showing on the back of the embroidery.

I have Ann’s samples that she kindly sewed out for me – the same ones I had problems with – and although they sewed out for her, using my machine, without nesting, there was still VERY LITTLE bobbin thread on the back of the embroidery, surely meaning that loads of top thread is being used???

Could I be very cheeky and ask anyone out there, who has a 15000 and a spare 5 minutes, to sew out the letter D from the inbuilt patterns. I sewed out the LARGE letter. It was about 1” high.

It sewed out without any problems on my part, but, when you look at the underside, there is only a VERY feint line of bobbin thread showing – the width of a single stitch, I would say.

If anyone has time to sew this out for me, would they look at the back and let me know what they see please?


The last design I sewed out before my machine went back to Janome was approx.13000 stitches and I used almost two whole lots of Brother embroidery thread in sewing it out – each one being 300 metres long.

Surely, that can’t be right???


Before my machine arrived back with me today, I was convinced that it was me who was doing something wrong, especially with the top threading. I have checked and double checked and I am following the instructions to the letter, so it’s not me. I even hear that little “click” when the thread goes into the pre-tension thingy.


However, having said all that, maybe very little bobbin thread on the back is normal for the 15000. It certainly wasn’t for my 12000. The lovely Ann at Janome says her engineer said that what she embroidered  on my machine , whilst it was with her, was absolutely fine.

Who am I to argue?

Once again, if anyone can sew out the built in “D” and report back,  I’d be so grateful.

Thanks so much.

[Awkwardly checking his back with a mirror, Jim finds no bobbin thread. Sighs in relief.]

The normal "rule" for bobbin thread is one of thirds. Looking at a column of stitches, as in a letter, you should see 1/3 needle thread on each side and a third bobbin thread in the center. This will vary by brands of thread and types of bobbin thread. You clearly do not need to use the yellow dot bobbin case, so stick with the red one. Use the tension adjustments in the SET screen for embroidery, adjusting only one step at a time and testing after each one.

It's been my experience that service technicians are often overly concerned with the customer complaining about bobbin thread showing, so they overcompensate the tension to show almost none on the back.  You should be able to use the SET adjustments to correct it, but if you cannot please email me privately for guidance.

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