Gutermann Holoshimmer thread experience

Pru Joy

I love the look of these new holographic metallic threads, so much sparkle.  So I bought a set of the Gutermann Sulky Holoshimmer threads.  But, oh dear, what a headache getting them to work right on my 15000!

I tried using the purple tip needle but it did not seem to like that so then I tried a Superior topstitch 80/12 (as I didn't have a 90) needle as the eye was a bit larger & it seemed to go thru better.  I ran the thread from the horizontal spool holder.  I reduced the tension to nearly nothing but it still felt far too stiff.  I then avoided the first top tension disc & it felt looser & away it went, at last!

But after a few minutes of stitching I noticed tiny flakes of the metallic thread were coming off.  When I had to change the bobbin I found the bobbin case was covered in these tiny bits of the thread.  I vacuumed out the whole area to make sure it was clean.  Bit of a worry that, tiny bits of metallic stuff getting into the workings of your machine, not sure if I should continue to use it or not.  Although it did make the peacock design look wonderful!


[Jim sends his hologram out to do some yard work. It does not end well.]

Most threads of this type are actually very narrow strips of Mylar. Feeding them off the horizontal spool pin results in twisting, which can cause the metallic coating to break off and also knot up at the needle. Use the vertical spool pin so the thread rolls off without twisting. You'll get much better results.

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