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kkrissyb <krissy.b@...>

Hi Heather
It sure is a small world, I finally accessed my messages and there was one from Peter at Woodrows saying the trolley case was in. Yes I got both CD's and a Catalogue showing the designs on the second CD and I also got a pair of sewing shears which I have had since I picked up the 12000 in November and they are great.

I saw the trolley the lady who demonstrated the machine had and it was a fabric trolley, but the one I got today is a hard case and is very very nice so I am a happy camper.

We had a house at 118 Bayside drive until about two years ago, we used to go there and stay from time to time but the sand flies or what ever it is that bites you there were just too much for me as I was allergic to them so we sold the house

Kris in Ringtail Creek

I too live near Gympie. Will also have to contact my "dealer" who I would assume is same as yours . I have been away so that is ok. Did you get the two extra embroidery discs? I did so am only waiting for the trolley case too.

Cooloola Cove

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I will have to contact my dealer and see if he has mine. Problem is that he has a store in Gympie and at present the road between where I live and my dealer is washed out due to flooding so will have to wait longer

Kris in Aus

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Yes I live in Queensland Australia and got my trolly case last week. It is huge and takes up a lot of room. Saying that it is easy to move around. I haven't tried it out yet. Liz

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