Summer warning

Jim Stutsman

Recently a post was made questioning whether the electronics of a computer machine would suffer if left in a car. At the time I said that it should be no problem, as a UPS truck gets really hot and they survive that.

Since then I have received a report of two machines that were severely damaged last summer. Both were in Janome rolling cases inside a hot car, one for several days. In each case the plastic surrounding the screen literally melted and dripped down to the bottom of the case. That damage was cosmetic, but it also caused parts of the main motherboard to be broken off.

A closed car in the summer can quickly get over 200 degrees, particularly here in the south and southwest. Therefore I am revising my guidelines. Most of us refer to our machines as our "baby". Treat your machine like a baby and never leave it in a hot car. While electronic components are not as vulnerable to heat, it's clear that the plastic parts are.

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