Re: Bird nest on bottom

Cat - N


I had a machine in to the dealer more than once for issues that they claimed didn't exist.  The dealer even sent the machine home to me from an annual service, during which they were requested to   look at tensions too, in March...with a 'clean bill of health'...and a thread nest in the bobbin case!!! 
(There is a photo of it online)  Another dealer quite a distance away discovered a rough foot that was catching the thread. 

I am of the opinion that if there is a problem, there IS a problem...IMHO.  I do hope you find it.  I literally, recently, bought my MC15000 from the dealer that correctly diagnosed and fixed the problems I was having with my MC11000...that the local dealer couldn't/didn't.  In addition to the damaged P foot, the thread I was using was 'cross-wound' and that dealer said it needed to stand upright...only 'straight-wound' thread should be used on the top, horizontal thread spool.  That dealer
, after making those changes, stitched out PERFECTLY a design that had been making me crazy...LOL

- Cat (FL)

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