Re: Bird nest on bottom

Sherryl Doran

Thanks, Anne, it sound like you do indeed know what issue I am referring to. Jim suggested making sure the machine is locked when I thread it, something I am sure I was not doing. I did that but still am getting the nests on the bottom. Unfortunately I don't think a thread bunny would help because the problem comes at the beginning, and sometimes at the end, of a seam. Taking the thread bunny piece out and putting in the pieces I want to sew together still triggers the nesting. I noticed last night while sewing two pieces of cotton together that it seemed like it might be a feed dog problem. I tried starting a little farther in on the fabric, then backstitching to the beginning, then going forward, BUT when I got to near the end of the fabric backstitching (what would have been the starting point) it was like the feed dogs just quit feeding the fabric through. If I can manage to get hold of a tiny piece and sort of force it to move I can get past that and then the feed dogs pick it up and move it on. Also sometimes does this at the end of a seam. I know my old Janome had a way to adjust the foot pressure. Is there a way to do that on the 12000? I reviewed the manual but didn't see a reference to foot pressure. Maybe it just needs a bit more to make good contact with the feed dog? I haven't checked out the possibility of burrs since I am reluctant to take the machine in for service that I have just owned about a month! The person I bought it from claims to have had it serviced (cleaned and oiled) before I bought it and claimed it was in great working order.  Thanks and I really do appreciate all the tips I am learning from this forum. Sherryl

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