Continuing The saga of the Poorly 15000


I reported a few days ago that after my 4 month old 15000 was sent back to Janome because it appeared to have no top tension at all - nesting and no bobbin thread showing at all on the underside of the embroidery, using tons of top thread etc - I was told that the engineer could find nothing wrong.I phoned again this morning to ask if someone could have a word with the engineer in question.(He had been away on a course before) I had enclosed a 12" sample of embroidery where the underside was hideous for the engineer to see and also had written about the problem. I spoke to a different lady today and she confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the machine according to the engineer. She actually spoke to him this time. I have told her that I don't want the machine back until it is fixed. She has promised to test it herself and get back to me in a few days, so I shall probably be going into the third week with out my machine.

I feel really worried by this. I'm not new to embroidery machines at all and had the 12000 for about 3 years prior to this one and then Brother machines for the previous 12 or so years,without anything much going wrong, so I know when something's not right.

 As far as I am aware, I am threading both top and bottom exactly as the instruction book says. Can anyone offer any advice please? What do I do if I'm told, once it is tested, that there is nothing wrong? I just don't know. So sorry to be moaning on and on, but I am not feeling very hopeful. Will I have a machine I can't use??? Should I just shut up and get on with it??

I can't believe that Janome UK don't know what they are doing. I'm sure they are very competent which makes me feel even more stupid. Any light at the end of the tunnel would be appreciated please. Thanks for listening to me sound off. It makes me feel less helpless.

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