Re: Bobbin Tension

Deb Keldrauk

Well here I think I am so smart!
Anne, I had completely forgotten that I can change the overall top tension in the settings menu!
That is the route I should have gone. I am going to try this for a while and quite possibly turn my bobbin case back and go about fine tuning my tension that way. Just out of curiosity do you know what your original tension setting was? Mine was 3.8 and I always thought that odd - I mean I figured that they would have set it at a whole number and then adjusted the tension of the machine. I guess every machine is probably different. I am going to be doing some FMQ over the next few days and that will tell me more.

I learn so much from Jim, but Anne you have also opened my eyes a little wider and I thank you.

Deb in CA

[Sensing the tension, Jim concocts a whole comment.]
The tension is not measured in whole numbers. There is always a fraction. The default tension setting is marked with a small dot in the middle of the scale where you adjust. You will see minus numbers to the left of the dot, as you decrease the tension, and plus numbers to the right as you increase.

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