Re: Horizon disk and viewing my designs

Kim Cotcher

Will the stitch buddy be an equivalent software to horizons suite? I have the artistic suite software. Do you think that will do the same but more than the horizon suite? I am just trying to figure out what i have and what i need. Thank you for your help!

[Jim's equivalent response]
The Artistic Suite furnished with the 14000 is not equivalent to HorizonLink Suite, in that they broke out the AcuFil software. You need to buy the AcuFil Kit in order to get AcuFil. The remaining bits, Stitch Composer, Pattern Combination and Embroidery Edit should be the same as HorizonLink Suite, though I have not seen the Artistic Suite software so I can't verify that.

There are a number of features in HorizonLink Suite that StitchBuddy does not have: Stitch Composer, AcuFil and the ability to compose patterns of Ordinary Sewing stitches. However for embroidery just about everything you can do with HorizonLink you can do with StitchBuddy. HorizonLink has tools for making multi-design layouts, which StitchBuddy lacks. That said, if you own a Mac you should have StitchBuddy. It's modestly priced and is a very convenient tool for viewing and managing your designs. I have VMware Fusion and all the Janome software, but I always use StitchBuddy whenever I can to avoid having to start a virtual Windows machine.

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