Flash Drives for 14000/15000


I'm a new owner of the 14000 and I had earlier asked and Jim answered that the flash drives for the 11000 and 15000 were set up the same way and I thought he meant that I would be able to use them and just add to what I already had.  I have 5 different flash drives  and I will list them and their sizes because I'm having definite different situations on different ones.

Sandisk Cruzer - 512 MB - It says it can't be used.

PNY 2 GB - This already had 10 or 15 designs on it and I have added a couple more.

2 Staples 512 MB - For some reason it appears that they are on the drives, but when I open it on the machine they aren't there.

Sandisk Cruzer - 1 GB - I just realized that I didn't try this one.  I thought the Cruzers were the same size, but they aren't.

I don't understand what is going on.  Are some too small?  I checked in the files section and looked at a Janome document on transferring designs without the software and it didn't mention about anything being too small.  They all worked on the 11000 so why don't they work on the 14000?  Hmmmmph!  Puzzling.

Also, is there a way of printing out a template from the Acutool software?  I couldn't find a location.

[Throwing his crystal ball into the trash, Jim attempts more guesses]

No, none of the drives are too small. The one that it says cannot be used may have files on it that are not embroidery designs. Sometimes machines get moody about that. Note that your 14000 most likely opens the folder EmbF inside of EMB when looking for designs. However you can have other folders inside EMB on the 11000 and most likely the 14000 as well. You may have to use the arrow keys on the right side of the screen to choose a different directory. That's the best guess I can make, since I cannot see your USB sticks, have no idea what designs you are putting on them and don't have access to a 14000.

If the AcuTool software is anything like HorizonLink, you have to click the circle in the top left corner. You'll find the print menu in there. Yet another reason why I absolutely despise the Microsoft "ribbon" interface. Exhausted from ranting, I shall now go to bed!

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