error message re: presser foot

Becky Petersen


The message below is from Jan of this year…I can’t find the reply to it. 


What is the solution? I’m having the same issues.  Some days it is worse than others.  What do I need to do ? Do I need a different plate? I have a Janome 8900.


I usually get it when I have the single hole plate with the accufeed foot on it. I switch out and put on the zigzag plate. It is usually ok, but sometimes not.  Then, I switch it out and put on the regular presser foot with the zigzag plate – it seems much worse with the single hole plate.  But then I sometimes get it when I am just using the regular presser foot.


What can I do?  I bought it new so it is under warranty, what is wrong?  I live in Europe and I seem to be unable to communicate effectively with the repair people where I bought it (on the other side of the country from where I am so it has to be shipped).  What is causing this and what is the fix?



Becky Petersen




I continually get a message asking me to make sure the proper presser foot is attached. This happens no matter what foot I am using. Right now I have the 1/4" foot on and sometimes I can't sew more than a couple stitches without the message appearing. I have made sure the needle is in properly, everything is clean, restarting the machine, changing the speed.  Is there some adjustment I can make to prevent this from happening? 

Thanks for your help!   - Carol


Hitting a few keys, words start appearing and Jim says:

There is an adjustment that your dealer can make for this. It's a misadjusted sensor.

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