Re: Installing Acutools

Sue Watts <suewatts12@...>

Thanks, it sure would, I am not great figuring out how to do everything in software, especially if I don't get a chance to sew often, I forget what I previously figured out, but I intend to get back into it and sew more now that I have spent the (fortune) for a 15000. Purchased it this April, and so far, all is good except sometimes my top cutter doesn't work. Anyone know if there's anything I can do to  save lugging it back to the dealer?
My threader is pretty hit n miss also, but I have figured out that sometimes,  if I move the needle up or down slightly, it will thread. But it still is frustrating.
But I was excited to find this group to help me learn all the quirks, as I was pretty sick for over a year and was unable to climb the stairs to my sewing room, I have forgotten a lot of things. Looking forward to learning from you all.
Thanks again, I will check out the links and see if I can get all updated and back on the swing of things. Sue

If by "top cutter" you mean the thread cutter near the bobbin winder, hold the thread with both hands as you pull it into the cutting slot. This keeps the thread taut and it should cut easily and cleanly. If it doesn't there may be a bit of thread caught in it. Use a magnifying glass to look at it. A pin can be used to pick out anything that might be caught in there.

Before threading press the needle up/down button twice. This ensures the needle is at its highest position. Then touch the LOCK button. That's a very important step, not to ensure safety, but to make sure that the tension disks are open. Don't attempt to use the threader with needles smaller than size 11 or with twin or wing needles.

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