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Hi, I'm new here, been reading and learning. I also have Accutools for my 11000, which was installed and working fine. Then I was told there was an update and it stated to delete the old one and install the update. It didn't install. When I took it to the dealer for help, they reinstalled the disc but now it says USB driver did not install. Any suggestions on how I can get everything to install, as it was before? Can I install on a USB that I load with Horizon Suite for my 15000? Appreciate your help as my dealer is over an hour away. Also, how do I get to the videos mentioned in one post?, would love to watch them. Thanks, Sue

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When we had our store we sold a lot of 11000 machines, but I don't remember AcuTools being available for that model. A Google search reveals that AcuTools is the software included with the 14000. Maybe what you are having problems with is Customizer 11000. If your dealer installed that from the CD you would have gotten an older version, and you will need to update it for USB compatibility in Windows 7 or later. That update is available here. The instructions available here explain how to get the USB driver installed.

The folder structure on USB drives used by the 15000 is downward compatible with the 11000, so you can use the same USB drive for both machines. Of course designs that use 15000 hoops that are larger than the 11000 hoops will not show up on the 11000, but otherwise you can use the same USB stick.

Information on our 15000 video app (My 15000) is available on the website, or through our "app headquarter" site

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