Installing Acutools


I had installed Acutools on my computer and I was having trouble with it so I decided to uninstall the program and reinstall.  Bad move!  When I tried to reinstall, either the disc had gone bad or my CD/DVD player has quit working and I can't get it reinstalled.  Is it possible to get another copy of the Acutools disc?   I've called, then emailed my dealer and they haven't gotten back to me yet - probably have a hot prospect buying another 14000!  I'd love to find out something.  This is going to be a long weekend!


Ann Chafin

Thinking a "long weekend" is something many people look forward to, Jim understands and say this:

Unless you tried to clean it with sandpaper, your CD is probably OK. Look at the shiny side for fingerprints or smudges and wipe from the inside to the outside with a clean soft cloth, such as flannel. Before trying again restart the computer just in case Windows was having a bad hair day. If all else fails your dealer is the first point of contact for a replacement. This is not a part that they can just order, so they would have to open a new package, take out the CD for you, then return the entire product as "defective". Inefficient - absolutely, but that's how the system works. If you know someone else who has the CD it might be just as well to borrow theirs or make a copy of it. Copyright violation? Yes, but as a legal owner I think it could be justified. Good luck!

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