Machine stops and starts

Lou Ann

Jim, I believe this one is for you.  Is there any reason you know of that the MC12000 would stop in the middle of a 5 inch, straight line, 6 mm wide satin stitch?  I've been making in-the-hoop coasters so it's the outer border.  It starts back up without cutting the thread, but it is just irritating.  It sounds like it's going to cut the thread for some unknown reason, but then just continues it's merry way. It's cotton quilt weight fabric set at 700 stitches a minute using polyester thread.  Also, the designs in the coasters (there are 6 different filled designs) are ones I did in Floriani U software.  They weren't downloaded as a .jef file, but I downloaded jpg pictures and converted them to stitches in the software.  So the Floriani software is what "digitized" the design from the running stitches I traced around the picture. It will stop and cut the thread in the middle of a filled stitch design.  No color change, stitches short enough to not be a problem.  It just decides to cut the thread!  I thought I would check with you about a possible problem with the MC12000 before presenting my case to RNK. 

Thanks, Jim.  We, in this forum, all know your expertise is totally invaluable and much appreciated.

Having discovered that expertise is of very little value at a supermarket checkout, Jim manages this:
We can definitely eliminate the fabric, thread and speed as having any bearing at all on the problem. I'm also inclined to eliminate the machine itself. That leaves us with the design. The problem you describe sounds like the design has embedded jump stitches that are not needed. Those would cause the machine to act in a way that sounds like it's going to cut. It's also possible that there are cut commands embedded in the design that are not needed. Autodigitizing (making designs from images) is not very precise and even packages that cost more than 5 figures do not do as well as a human digitizer. Computers are not very good at figuring out how to fill areas of color, and the process is complex enough that bugs in the software are quite common. I would suggest you turn off jump cutting in the settings for embroidery. If that changes how the design stitches then you have your answer.

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