Re: 12000 Machine for Sale

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Sue, did you ask around at other dealers to see what type of deal they would give you?  Many will give a pretty good trade-in price and some deal with Synchrony finance which often has 60 months interest free financing on such a large purchase.
I sold my 11000 on ebay and got much more than I would from my dealer.  I have 100% feedback, which helps, but most of it if from buying, not selling expensive items.  I did send a large flat screen TV to Panama though. 
It worked out well for me because the first time it sold the lady backed out but I listed it again for a much higher bottom line and it sold for more than that.  If you put “free bonus” in the title it really grabs them if you want to sell the extras.  I had a bonus straight stitch plate and foot.  I also listed it with them paying exact shipping based on their location.  It still cost me money because I paid an  extra $30 for a big enough box to safely ship it. I had the original box but still put it in another box with extra padding.   I was bummed she didn’t give feedback after all that!
eBay now has the protection for the buyer that they guarantee a refund if the buyer doesn’t get what they paid for, so people are not as leery as you may think, and many of them have paypal credit so they buy there instead of a local store.
btw I listed it on Craigslist and most people expect you to practically give it away it seems.  Or, they don’t have that kind of cash to buy it straight out.
You may want to consider keeping it if you can’t get a decent price.  I’m glad I have another machine here so I can do other stuff if the 15000 is tied up. 
Good luck!

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