Re: 12000 Machine for Sale

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

Thanks for the advice, and also that this list isn't the place to list it.  Sometimes I overlook the obvious .  I was focusing on where to try selling it. I didn't realize the 12000 is 5 years old.  I'll definitely keep that in mind when I list it somewhere.  I asked my dealer what I would get in a trade.  He said he couldn't afford to take a trade in. Maybe because he gave away the thread and stabilizer? Hopefully  that, the large hoop, the thread stand, and   the box for the feet, it will be more appealing.
I'm very grateful to have the safety issues addressed.  It makes complete sense to meet at a safe place.  It isn't a good idea to have strangers coming to the house. I'll have to figure out how to get it into the car, because I can't lift it, and it's probably isn't a good to keep it in the car.  Maybe I can use the rolling tote with a stable ramp.  I have one we got for our dog. and he never used it.
Thanks again for all the advice.  Any thing I get for it will lower my payments on the 1500.  Anytime I've financed a machine,  it was 48 months  interest free.  To keep his prices lower, he finances them in house for 24 months.  I can't imagine what the other dealers must give to pay the credit card company to do that. At least I have a direction to follow!

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