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Mike Adams


You are not the only one that has had problems with editing and converting design files to .JEF format using the 6D and Premier+ software.  My wife and I had nothing but problems with the stitch-outs as a point that I quit using it for the 15000. 

My wife bought a Babylock Destiny a few months ago and we got a free copy of Floriani Total Control U as part of the deal.  It seems to convert the files to ,JEF accurately and I have not had any problem stitching them out on our 15000.

I am not recommending the Floriani software, only sharing our experience.



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Sorry this is long but I want to give as many details as possible.


Twice now I have sewn with puffy foam on my 15000 and each time I ended up having to take my machine in for repair.


I have sewn successfully with Sulky puffy foam in the past on others machines.  I suspect it is something I am doing wrong.


I use 6D embroidery software and puffy foam font, save /export the design as a PES file and stitch out on my Brother 6 needle with the puffy foam just fine.  The software shows the brother 6 needle as one of the machines.  6D’s native format is VP3.


When I use 6D embroidery software and the puffy foam font on my Janome 15000 it causes major problems and I really wonder if this software does not translate a JEF file so well (I create the design and save/export as a JEF file).  The latest Janome machine this software shows is the 12000 and it uses the machine to save the design.  I suspect the software because thread on some of the lettering was bit too loose,  on at least one of the letters it would take about 3 stitches cut the thread and start embroidering again over and over, and it creates a birds nest  when the final problem occurs.


I get through some of the letters ok but when the problem happens I end up bending and/or breaking a needle and have a birds nest under the letter that causes the issue.  


The first time it happened my needle broke and bent into a “U” shape, created a birds nest under the letter,  and broke the feed dogs (yes broke the feed dogs – a first in over 40 years of sewing).


This time it broke the needle, created a birds nest under the letter, and now the moveable piece on my embroidery arm moves freely when you touch it. So off to the shop it goes.


Whether it is the software or not I am done with 6D software  - it has already been listed for sale.  I have other software that plays nicely with both my Janome and Brother machines.


I don’t want to pay for another unnecessary repair.  To say that I am nervous about using puffy foam on my 15000 is an understatement.


Has anyone successfully used puffy foam with lettering on their 15000?  If so were there any special tips/tricks you used?


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Taking time out from looking for repairs to his puffiness, Jim says:

The behavior you describe is a classic problem with embroidery conversion software. The 6D software has created long satin stitches to go over the foam. However the Janome JEF format cannot make a stitch longer than 1.27cm. Longer than that they must have jump stitches inserted. If you have the jump cut turned on you'll get frequent cuts, loose stitches due to reduced tension during a jump, and birds nests due to loose tension. Regardless of whether puffy foam is involved, very long satin stitches are a bad idea. The stitches are quite fragile and easily damaged.

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