12000 Machine for Sale

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

I have a question.  I'm planning on selling my 12000 so I can get the 15000, but I'm not sure how much to ask for it, and whether to included the extras I bought, or sell them separately.  The book doesn't mention the 5 thread spool holder, but it was on my machine.  I also bought the case that holds all the feet.  Since it comes with the 15000, there's no reason to keep it.  I also have the optional large hoop, but I don't know what it's called!  As part of the promotion, I also have a bunch of stabilizer, and Jenny Haskins thread.  I have enough thread and stabilizer, so unless it isn't worth selling, I might as well.  I'm wondering if the thread and stabilizer should be advertised on a site designed for selling all sorts of sewing, quilting and embroidery items.  (I check it daily to see if there are any 12000 machines for sale, but I've only seen one, and haven't seen any posts that said it had been sold.)  Is it permissible to try selling it on this group? I've seen a few, but would rather"play by the rules" if it isn't allowed.  I don't particularly want  to use e-bay, because I don't have any sales record, and people are hesitant to spend that kind of money with an unknown seller.  The one time I sold one there, the highest bidder didn't respond to my invoice, so I ended up selling it to the next highest bidder even though it was a little under my reserve. I need to sell it to pay for the 15000 :-)  Thanks for any advice or suggestions anyone has.  I don't want to overcharge, but can't afford to under price either.

This list is a poor place to sell a 12000, since most members already have a 12000 or 15000. I'm allowing this one post in order to bring up some important points.

- Regarding your optional big hoop, you'll want to keep that because it will fit on the 15000.
- Regarding the thread and stabilizer, you are probably better off bundling it with the machine as a special freebie.
- As you point out eBay is not a great venue and it's expensive.
- The "Sew It's For Sale" list is better, but you still have the issues of trust and shipping.
- Selling local is best, using something like Craig's List. You still have to be careful, as there are scammers everywhere. We recommend cash only terms, meeting at the police station or a very public place.
- Don't discount the idea of trading it in. No, you won't get top dollar, but you also will not have a lot of hassle. Don't be afraid to negotiate with your dealer.

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