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Oh yes please move to the UK...........

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Startled by the horrific photo on his expired passport, Jim recovers enough to say this:
I've been to the UK, back in the 90s, and I do love the country. London was amazing, but probably too pricey (and busy) for a refugee American pensioner. Scotland has amazingly friendly people, though conversation was a bit difficult with Texan accents colliding with Scottish speech. I've watched enough British television, with season 6 of Vera being the latest and greatest, to nearly speak the language. The speech in Northumberland is sommat different though, innit. I think my favorite landing spot would probably be in the Cotswolds, though it appears that high speed Internet is not something the sheep there have a need for. That and an abundance of sun will probably keep me anchored in Texas until I move to the narrow apartment. It's said that I take after my maternal grandfather, whose parents emigrated from the UK. I have a huge book with the history of the Bostwick family and it appears they go back many generations.

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