Re: Nesting on new 15000 Update.

audrey chase <Contessa@...>

Jim, you are so kind. What would we do without you? I can’t imagine.


I have tried everything you kindly suggested, but nothing helps, so, sadly, it’s back to Janome for my new baby.

As you say, anything is better than a machine that doesn’t work properly.


I tried the zigzag stitch and it doesn’t look too bad on the back, but the satin stitches, using the sewing mode, have almost no bobbin thread showing on the back at all.

I have also noticed that when using the anchor stitch around an embroidery design, before you sew it out, that the thread just trails across the top of the frame, with no stitches actually forming at all.

I have just tried stitching out a built in, satin stitch embroidery file and there is no visible bobbin thread on the back at all. It’s almost entirely top thread.


However, although I’m very sad, I wanted to say a huge thank you to you, once again, for trying to help me. I have learned a lot.

I have been in touch with my dealer a few times over the last couple of weeks, when things started going wrong and, although they recommended the calico and thick thread treatment through the tension discs, they didn’t tell me I must have the LOCK engaged at the time.

I’m sure this has helped loads of people. Thank you.


My machine is being collected on Monday and I have asked Janome to tell me what the problem was. I hope they do. If so, I will report back to you.

Thanks again for being a star – wish you lived next door to me – but I bet you feel glad that you don’t !

I’m quite generous with the gin and tonic and I’m good at making curries. Perhaps you’d consider moving to the UK?? Just think, an evening meal and a few bevvies for a beautifully working 15000? No? I thought not!! Oh well, I had to try !




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