Welcome to my network, new MC15000 !

Cat - N

Today was the day!

It only took me a couple seconds to power it up at home and log it into my network.  My existing iPad 4 saw it immediately, and I need to update the (Janome branded) iPad Air that came with the MC15000 and install all the apps on it (tomorrow...it's been a long day...LOL) but I do not anticipate any problems with that.  HorizonLink and the USB driver are installed.  I need to update the MC15000 tomorrow for the AcuSetter function, etc., but I got the warranty registered before I ran out of steam.  I haven't sewed on it yet, haven't even attached the embroidery unit...they used their embroidery unit to demonstrate it for us.  But...my new MC15000 is sitting beside my (now working perfectly since THIS dealer looked at it) MC11000 on the cabinet that hubby built.  But, the year+plus wait is over and it is home...and I am looking forward to using the marvelous features of this beautiful machine. 

Correction...hubby has informed me that now that I have the MC15000, my MC11000 belongs to HIM...LOL

More tomorrow...but, what a difference a great dealer makes!

- Cat

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