Re: Thread cutter issue

ceilsews <no_reply@...>

Cas, I have a truly wonderful dealer, probably #2 to Jim and Diane.  Unfortunately he's about 2.5 hours away.  He has a wonderful reputation and I'm sure he'll find out why it works intermittently and will fix it.  There just seems to be too many dealers, from what I've read here, that don't do a good job.  And, what some people who buy other machines don't realize is that many of them have to be sent back to the factory even for cleaning.  That's why I never included Husqvarna in my machine search.  My sister in law bought a top of the line Babylock and her dealer (who does do cleaning) told her that it had to be sent back to the factory when there was a problem with the threader as "there's so much inside there it's too difficult to fix it".  Seemed odd as a threader should be outside the machine... and she was without her machine for almost 3 months.  My dealer will make an appointment for me so that I can drop it off go shopping or whatever and pick it up the same day.  I can also schedule a free private lesson with the woman who teaches there for that time!  Getting back to the cutter- it would seem that oil would cause the thread or dust to stick to the cutter rather than take it away, but I really have no idea. 

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