Re: needle threader - again

cas <cas@...>

Judy B,
I only use the threader when I’m using Organ needles, since that’s what the Janome branded needles are.  If I use the others I thread by hand. 
Mine does work now after yet another trip to the dealer, but it jammed at least three times, including the very first time I tried it with the same needle and thread in it the tech used the day my husband brought it home.  I didn’t change a thing, just plugged it in and tried to thread it.  Maybe I touched the needle pulling the thread out and broke it again.  By jammed I mean the whole mechanism was stuck down by the needle and I had to wrestle it out of there.  It now constantly gives me “raise the needle bar slowly” errors.  This is without changing the needle I’ve successfully been using.  It’s after I’ve done the up and down several times and locked the machine.
I’ll just thread it without the threader when the warranty is done and when it fails again.   I wish they had not come along with the “fully automatic” threader.
I often have gone to the default straight stitch and turned the machine off and back on, and then it will work.  It now makes a rubbing noise when it  goes through the hole so I’ve probably bent the hook trying to force the jammed part away from the needle.  It’s too fast for me to see where it’s hitting.  I do get to eye level and look to make sure the needle is all the way inserted too.

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