Thread cutter issue

ceilsews <no_reply@...>

After cleaning my machine about a week ago, the thread cutter isn't cutting the top thread all the time.  Perhaps every 5th or 6th time, the top thread isn't cut.  I was careful to avoid those little springs when cleaning but was there something else I could have knocked out of whack?  Can I fix this myself?

Permanently out of whack, Jim chucks this out the door:

The cutter can get bits of thread caught up in it, and that can cause it to miss cuts from time to time. It is especially bad with "crunchy" threads like metallic, and I do not recommend ever using the cutter with those. You can't really get to the actual cutting bits very easily, but if you take off the plate and bobbin case you can shine a strong light toward the left end of the machine and perhaps see something. The little spring-equipped "flipper" on the bobbin case holds the bobbin while the cut takes place. If the spring gets disconnected you can have cut problems, but you nearly also have major bird nests and jams as well. It's easy to check. Just push the metal bit on the bobbin case to the left. If it snaps back you're fine.

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