Re: servicing my 15000


Hi Cheryl and others,

Inherent dangers reside in use of many tools and implements.  Once, quite accidentally, I sent a staple from an ordinary stapler through a finger and sent forth an expletive.  These things happen.  When using sharp objects from scissors to needles and rotary cutters, caution is the rule of the day.  I currently have a gash on my index finger from a rotary cutter and a slipped ruler.  Mea culpa.  I use these sharp objects -- although I do not "run" with them!!! -- and I have to assume responsibility for injuries.

On the OTHER HAND, what I will not assume responsibility for is Janome's reckless promotion of the 15000 as an Apple-wifi-compatible device.  Before I purchased, I inquired and researched what they meant by "use on your laptop," and NOWHERE did I find their definition of such as a WINDOWS-only laptop.  So, while I'll take the bumps and scratches along the way, I remain a loyal Mac user who is infuriated with Janome's very poor representation of their product and its capabilities.  Further, I certainly DID ask my dealer, and got the green light from them.  Why?  Janome apparently does a VERY poor job of educating their dealers and so MANY are notoriously NOT as computer literate as these new machines demand!  Do I fault my dealer?  No!  They did not have malicious intentions.  I do, however, strongly fault Janome for deceptive and misleading practices.  Additionally, I think their website, of ALL sewing companies, is the ultimate WORST!  

Is there anything one can do to push the case for corporate responsibilty when advertising or communicating about a product?  I spent a lot of money and made a big sacrifice to get the 15000, and remain frustrated and highly disenchanted.  The needle threader is but ONE issue!

Judy B

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