Re: Free Embroidery Designs from Janome


Thanks much!  Are these Janome extras, or are they meant to go into that blighted set of useless Accu-Design embroidery designs?  I will definitely check these out when I am on a compter (not iPad Pro) and very much appreciate the shared resource.

Judy B

PS Did ANYONE ever get the full set of all those Accu-Design embroidery designs we were promised ages ago?  Anyone have follow-up on that?  I found almost all of the free designs ugly and useless and balked at having to pay almost $50 after buying the machine and then finding out the lettering could be done using the software but that it wouldn't work for me since I am on a Mac.  I forget how many free "designs" they promised, but the ones I saw were completely useless.  Accu-Design seems to be primarily a "store" for encouraging folks to BUY more/PAY more for Janome's profit while the promise of using their software on "laptops" remains unfulfilled.  ALL laptops are NOT Windows-based.

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