Re: needle threader - again

I have a bent needle threader. Is it possible for me to order a replacement part and put it on myself? I can use a screw driver. Lol

Deciding against the "DIY Home Appendectomy Kit", Jim says:
Before going down that path, if the hook is only slightly bent you might try straightening it. Start with an old, but not bent needle in the machine. Bring down the threader. The hook will probably fall on one side of the needle or the other. CAREFULLY pull the needle forward, then left or right so the hook goes through the eye. Don't pull enough to bend the needle, just enough so the hook goes in. Then use a very small flat blade screwdriver (and magnifying glass) to gently bend the hook in the direction needed to make it straight. Be patient, it may take some time as the hook is made to not bend easily. After you think you have it, test. Be prepared to repeat. Once it seems to be working, discard the old needle and put in a new one. Test again. I've fixed a lot of threaders this way.

If that didn't work you can order a new part, although this will involve the cooperation of your dealer who may want to charge as much for the part as for the repair. Part numbers:
12000 - 846588014
15000 - 862626004

Now comes the tricky bit. On the 12000 the threader just snaps off. Pull it down until it pops off, but don't put the new one on yet. TAKE THE NEEDLE OUT! The new part is not adjusted for your machine and if you just snap it on and try to thread you could easily bend the hook and ruin it. Instead, after pulling the threader down, loosen the needle clamp a lot, so you can move the needle around a bit. Carefully put it in the clamp and see if the hook is lined up. Chances are very good that you will need to loosen the tiny Phillips screw on the threader so you can move the hook. Loosen just enough to move it, then adjust up/down/left/right until it lines up. Tighten the needle clamp to re-check. This process usually will need to be repeated several times to get the hook perfectly aligned. Once it is, tighten the tiny screw and hope it won't move the hook when you do.

The 15000 is much more challenging. First you have to remove a set screw holding the part you are replacing. When you do that all the moving parts of the threader will come off. You should probably video this so you'll be able to get them back together, as it is VERY confusing. There is also a tiny Phillips screw on this threader, to the left of the one holding it all together. As with the 12000, you can move the hook by loosening this screw. However this threader is going to come down and go right back up, so you're not going to be able line up the hook. That requires going into the diagnostics, which I will not post here. There are settings in there that can turn your machine into a non-functioning brick if done incorrectly. If you really want to do this, ask your dealer to show you how to activate them.

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