Re: servicing my 15000


No one suggested suing anyone. To me, a safety sensor would be in the same
category as seat belts, a safety feature. Probably would make a TOL machine
price soar even higher, though.

Now that I'm getting old, I could use all the help I can get. I seem to do
some things I'd never have done earlier in my life now that my cognition
is weakening. I would never call them Stupid, just a fact of life.


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should I sue the tennis shoe company?

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I wonder if sewing machines could be equipped with a safety sensor for a
half or quarter inch diameter circle under the needle. It seems like
industrial machines must have such a device. Maybe that should go on our
"ask for" list from Janome! My paper shredder stops if my fingers get
anywhere near the opening. It seems the same technology can be put on our

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