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I'm sorry if my suggestion upset you.  I read my post over again and I don't mention suing anyone, just suggesting that the machines could be made safer as has been done with shredders.  Yes, we are all responsible for our own actions but technology can make us safer (if not smarter)!

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Really??!! What about just being responsible and teaching our children to be responsible? If something goes wrong and we do something stupid like not paying attention to what we are doing, it’s someone else’s fault because there wasn’t a warning. I can trip over a shoelace and break a leg – should I sue the tennis shoe company?




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I wonder if sewing machines could be equipped with a safety sensor for a half or quarter inch diameter circle under the needle.  It seems like industrial machines must have such a device.  Maybe that should go on our "ask for" list from Janome!  My paper shredder stops if my fingers get anywhere near the opening.  It seems the same technology can be put on our machines.

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