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I had the 920 and upgraded to the 15000 two weeks later. The 920 is a great machine, I just like the wireless feature and acufil. When I got the 920, my dealer added the acufil tools .

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Jim, I have deli ma about my machine. OK I purchased the Elna 920 Expressive it is supposed to be either a copy of the 12000 or the 14000 (more like this one 14000) made by jANOME. Only thing is they do not supply as much info for it as they do for their Janome machines. I know you said you are not familiar with this one. And my dealer ( whom I trust ) is in Pa 3 hrs from here. I do plan on taking the lessons as soon as I can. I am curious about the Horizon Link, but it seems I do not have it. What would it do for me? I had the Elna 9600 before this I loved it. great machine. I wonder can I use the RE hoop with this one? I use this one all the time. Also wonder if I should invest in the Acu kit-will it work ok with it? I have viewed the videos think I might be better off with the 1500. Your videos are great so well done. I plan on getting one. So maybe you cannot help me, but maybe somebody out there is dealing with this problem too. Janome needs to get with it if they manufacture Elna products. (maybe I should have bought the 1500 be done with it, but I got a really good deal --I think)??? Shirley in NJ PS tried to update my machine from 1.00 to 1.20 it did not work???

Putting on his most expressive hat, Jim says:
The Elna 920 is a clone of the 14000, which is a clone of the 15000 but without wireless. I've been told by a 14000 owner that our videos for the 15000 apply to the 14000 as well, except for the wireless part. The software included with the 920 is AcuTools, which I suspect is the same as HorizonLink Suite, but without the AcuFil or wireless options. According to the Janome website the AcuFil kit works on the 14000, so it seems likely that it would also work on the 920.

Janome seems to be treating the Elna line as a stepchild. They have the 920 on the fron! t page of the Elna USA website, but clicking it reveals it's a dead link. You have to dig into the site to find the 920 page. I think their intent was to create more buying choices, much like General Motors offers Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and GMC. However even General Motors has pared down, ditching Pontiac. In my never humble opinion Janome has made a mistake doing this. Offering too many choices works against them more than it works for them. The first thing that Steve Jobs did on returning to Apple was to reduce the number of products by 70%. They also were selling multiple versions of the same products, just like Janome and Elna. In the case of Apple, it saved the company and they seem to be doing fairly well these days!

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