Yet another announcement

Jim Stutsman

Diane and I are pleased to announce that the My 12000 app is now available online. This permits our videos to be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer, or many different mobile devices such as tablets or phones. The price is $59.99, the same as the app in the App Store. As with the My 15000 app, we have several free videos so you can confirm that the player works before spending any money. However we realize that a substantial number of people have previously invested in DVDs containing some of those videos and we don't feel it would be fair to charge those users full price. Therefore we have created a special link for existing DVD owners so you can get online access for $5.99, a discount of 90%. The fee structure of our payment processor does not allow us to make online access completely free and the $5.99 fee will help cover the cost of the bandwidth we use to transmit the videos. By upgrading to the online system you will be able to have access to new videos that are not on the DVDs. Here's how to get access to My 12000 online:

If you are a NEW user who does not own the DVDs go to There you can view the free videos. There is a Purchase button on the menu bar, and you can also purchase when attempting to view a video that is not free.

If you OWN the 12000 DVDs (either one or both) go to This is a special entry page that will set the price at $5.99. You must enter the email address that you used when purchasing the DVDs. That will be confirmed and you will be able to finalize the purchase. You can only do this process ONCE, so make sure you are ready before clicking the button. You can go to the regular link above to view the free videos in order to confirm that your computer or device will be able to play them, then come back to the discount link. If you have any problems or cannot remember what email you used, please DO NOT POST QUESTIONS ON THIS LIST! There is a special link on the discount page so you can email us directly and we will help.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled list.

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